India is a very young country. Half of its population of the 1.35 billion, is under the age of 25. Two-thirds are less than 35.

At its inception, the government's “Skill India” mission aimed to improve skills for 500 million people by 2022 - a number in keeping with the size of India’s workforce. However, it only managed to train 11.7 million people in two years.

Most of India is still the most deprived of infrastructure, short of social services and disconnected from the global economy. How can we help the millennial generation help themselves with their personal growth, Job, and productivity in the 21st Century? Developing a strong STEM workforce is the answer! Do you think this is mission impossible?

Make India Foundation! Lets make it! Lets make it happen! Together we can do it...

Our missions are:

  • Institute BYTES & BOTS STEM LABS
  • Establish Bytes & Bots STEM clubs & Membership Service
  • Build a network of industry-academia based STEM volunteers and mentors.
  • Support the clubs through the Bytes & Bots Lab Network and remote learning technologies.
  • Institute and run annual STEM Competitions and STEM festivals